What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer?
Written by, Asher Potu Sun 26 May
What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer?
What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer?

The Best Strategies For Soccer Betting

Bet on the home team

With most soccer matches, the home team has an advantage. This truth only holds if both teams are evenly matched. One study documented over nine thousand international competitions between the years 1999 to 2004. It was found that the home team won more than 50% of the matches, while the away team won only 24% of the time. Top flight footballing nations, such as Spain and Brazil, had a much higher home win rate - over 60%. This holds true for domestic leagues as well. Take the English Premier League, for example. The 2017/18 season, home teams won 44% of the time. La Liga saw a home win rate of 47% and the MSL saw the highest at 49%. Several factors contribute to a home win, such as the team is better rested; the audience is on your side, etc. Regardless of the causes, the home advantage is genuine, and it is something you should consider before you bet.

Always look for value
You’ve probably already heard the term “value” being thrown around before. But what is it, exactly? When you find a bet that’s priced less than what it's worth, then you have found value. How do you determine this? If you notice that the odds on offer by the sportsbook reflect a possibility that is less likely to occur in reality, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Finding value gives you an edge over the bookmaker, but it requires knowledge and experience.

Sign up to multiple sportsbooks

Another good strategy is to sign up to different sportsbooks. This not only helps you compare odds so that you can find value, but you can also make use of the one that gives you the best deals and offers.

Hedge your bets
Hedging is a great way to maximize your profits. It involves placing bets on outcomes different from your first chance, so that you are guaranteed a profit, regardless of the issue. It makes use of shifting odds. Outrights are a great market to practice hedging your bets.

Arbitrage Betting

With this strategy, you simultaneously place a bet on all possible outcomes in such a way that whatever happens, you will make a profit, or at least limit your loss margin. You take advantage of the difference in odd provided by various bookmakers.

Try progressive betting

Progressive betting is an excellent short term strategy, and it should be practiced in short bursts, rather than long periods. It involves increasing your stake every time you win a bet. As you progress, your profits will increase.

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