How To Read Odds Movements For In-Running Soccer Betting?
Written by, Asher Potu Thu 18 Apr
How To Read Odds Movements For In-Running Soccer Betting?
How To Read Odds Movements For In-Running Soccer Betting?

What Is An In-Running Bet?

With running bets, a punter is allowed to make a wager on a game after it has begun. You can place the bet anytime before the commencement of the match.

Several different factors can impact the outcome of a match. Sometimes, you can't tell which way a game is going to go until the game progresses. Plenty can happen in those 90 minutes. Lineups may change, key players may get injured, the team you bet on might be having an off day, you know how it goes. The underdog could rise to the occasion out of nowhere, and wins the match, against all expectations.

Occasionally, prior research just doesn't cut it.

This reason is why play bets are so much easier to predict. You will get to assess the situation and gauge the form of the team before you place your bet during the match. You will be allowed to place a bet on any market that you're comfortable with, be it over/under, 1x2 next team to score, both teams to score, etc.

What Are In-Running Odds?

Unlike traditional bets, where the odds are fixed before the match, the odds for in-running bets are continually shifting as the game takes place. Depending on the teams’ live performance, the odds fluctuate throughout, until the final whistle is blown. Unfortunately, with moving odds also come drastic increases in prices. You must capitalize on these shifting odds through soccer prediction, and pick the exact time to make a bet when you feel like the odds on offer reflect a probable outcome.  

In play betting may take a while to understand fully, all you need is a little practice, and you'll be raking in the profits in no time.

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