What Are Half Bets?
Written by, Asher Potu Wed 05 Jun
What Are Half Bets?
What Are Half Bets?

So there's a big game coming up, and it is the perfect opportunity for betting because you and everyone else is almost certain that your team is going to win. They've been in great form all season, and they've won all their previous matches. You're confident, so you stake a large sum of money on them, expecting a big payout. But when the big day finally arrives, they're not up to par. They're sloppier than usual; they miss passes, they don't seem to be into it. They defy all expectations and lose.

This happens all the time in sports. Even the best teams falter. Take Manchester City, for example. Their unbeaten streak was finally ended, and they were knocked off from the top spot of the Premier League table by Chelsea. September of last year, the Buffalo Bills pulled off what was called “the largest NFL upset in 23 years.” An what if the teams taking part are evenly matched, in terms of skill? The point is, sometimes, you can't tell which way the match is going to go until it has commenced. This often makes betting very hard. But, there is a solution to this - half bets, specifically, second half bets.

Second-Half Bets
Second half bets is a popular gambling market in American football as well as in basketball. Like its name would suggest, it is a bet you make during half time. Punters are at an advantage because they already have the information they need to determine how the game will go. To break it down, you place your bets on what you think the outcome of the second half will be. These bets do not take into consideration the scores of the first half. Let's say that you bet +2 goals in the over/under markets for total combined goals for a particular soccer match; two goals have to score after halftime to win.

First-Half Bets
First-half bets are similar, but betting is restricted to the events before the teams break for half time. If you were to look at the underdog's statistics, you might find that they tend to start with a bang, and then slowly power down as the match progresses. In this case, a first half bet would make perfect sense. Staking your money on an underdog and winning usually means a much bigger payout.

With half bets, there is a larger possibility of finding value, especially when it comes to second-half betting. The bookmaker doesn't have much time in between the two halves of a game to set new odds or lines, meaning that there is more margin for miscalculation on their part. This is where a punter can swoop in and make a profit.

Also, bookies generally set their odds according to the consensus of who everyone thinks the champions and underdogs are. You, on the other hand, can capitalize on teams that are slow or fast starters, giving you a one up over the bookie. If you're a long time fan of the sport, and you know the teams, and how they play, then half betting can be a very lucrative option for you.

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