Are Profitable Sports Betting Luck Or Skills?
Written by, Asher Potu Sun 26 May
Are Profitable Sports Betting Luck Or Skills?
Are Profitable Sports Betting Luck Or Skills?

An outsider would think that betting is all about luck, that you take a wild guess, and if things are in your favor you'll win. But every bettor knows that is quite the contrary. It couldn't be further from the truth. Betting, in any form, requires a skill. It could be a game of soccer or even a horse race. There is so much more that goes into it than just guesswork. But let's not take away that some of the most absurd bets (and wins) have been flukes.

For starters, no experienced punter will ever make a wager without thorough prior research. This part integral to any sports bet. A study gives us insights into the possible outcomes. So what are some factors that one should look into before they place a bet?

Factors To Consider 

Current form

Naturally, an essential element to consider would be a player's or a team's current form. How they are performing right now will give you a good deal of insight about how future matches could go.

Previous encounters

Previous encounters are a perfect indicator of future outcomes. Take a look at the head to head statistics of all the participants involved. Which side has won the most number of matches? Every team or sports person has their very own Achilles' heel, another team or person that they can't seem to beat.

Past performance

Another good indicator is how well the team or sports personality has been performing in the past. Are they a good team, but for some reason, show a sudden dip in performance? Are they on a winning streak?

Player profiles

The players involved in the match will naturally impact the results of a game. Key players might be injured, would negatively affect the overall performance of the team. Or, they could have a new player, who could potentially change things around. Line ups are essential in making predictions and are usually issued right before the game.

Weather conditions

It may not seem like it, but weather conditions can seriously take a toll on a player's performance. Rain or high temperatures will impact a player's performance, and therefore, the match. Weather conditions on the day of the game are something that shouldn't go ignored.

Home Vs. Away

We've all heard of the home advantage, and trust me, it is genuine, and there are statistics to back this claim up. Every team performs better during a home match for a variety of reasons. To being with, there is an overwhelming amount of support from the audience, which would be a significant boost to anyone's confidence. The team would also be better rested due to less travel time, and in better form due to most practice. The familiarity of the setting would be of great help too. Most tournaments see more than a 50% home win rate, so where the match is taking place is extremely important to consider when placing a bet.

Despite all this, it doesn't mean that there is no luck involved. No strategy in the world can accurately predict the future, but with enough knowledge, one can take an educated guess. Making the right decisions requires experience and expertise. So, one can say that sports betting is a mix of both luck and skill.

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