Types Of Soccer Bets
Written by, Asher Potu Thu 18 Apr
Types Of Soccer Bets
Types Of Soccer Bets

As the most popular sport ever with over 4 billions fans, leagues and tournaments taking place all over the world throughout the world, you can bet that gambling on football is immensely popular. Every day, people rake in hundreds and thousands of dollars each day wagering on the best teams. What makes soccer such a popular choice for punters, apart from the fact that the outcomes are generally relatively easy to predict, is the variety of betting markets available.

Most bookmakers offer their customers several types of bets, and here are some of the most popular, and also, the easiest to master. Here's an example of the different types of live bets (free tips) in-play. 

Outright bets

This one is as straightforward as it gets. You have to place a bet on the outcome of an entire league or tournament. They can either be placed before a season starts or during the season itself. In a more evenly matched tournament, the results might be harder to predict. But some of them have a clear hierarchy, where a couple of team or clubs dominate the competition.


Also known as a three-way bet, 1X2 is a hugely popular, yet simple type of bet. Here, you need to place a bet on what you think the outcome of a match would be. One represents a home win, X is a draw and two stands for an away win. For example, the odds for a 1X2 bet for a match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield would be displayed somewhat like this.

1 - 1.30

X - 3.45

2- 2.55

To calculate your payout, all you have to do is multiply your stake with the odds. A £100 bet on Liverpool would get you a total of £130, a £30 profit.


With this type of bet, you do have to predict who wins, but rather, the number of goals that will be scored in a match. The bookmaker provides a figure - let's say 2.5 for example. You will have to predict whether the total number of goals scored by both the teams at the end of the game would be more or less than 2.5. Anything less than two would be Under, 3 and above would be Over. One can take advantage of this bet in certain situations. For instance, if a top-flight team is playing against a weaker underdog, the total is likely to be high. If two teams are event matched, then it would probably be a low scoring game.

Handicap Betting

One situation we frequently come across in every single sport is when a stronger, more skilled team competes against a much weaker opponent. In cases like these, where the competition is blatantly one-sided, the outcome is effortless to predict. This often takes away the anticipation factor involved in betting, and it is also bad business for the bookies. It's important to note there's also Asian Handicap.

So, to make things more interesting, the bookmakers handicap the favorite - give them the disadvantage, to create a more even playing field, and also, to make things more exciting for their punters. A + or - value expresses this.

For example, if Manchester City has a -2 handicap in a match against Huddersfield (+2), they must win by more than goals for you to win the bet if you wagered on them. If City wins by one goal, your stake is returned.

Both teams to score

Another uncompromising, straightforward and common betting market is Both Teams To Score, often abbreviated to BTTS. As its name would suggest, all you need to do is predict whether or not both teams will find the net during a particular match. If both teams have an attacking style of play and have a history of scoring goals, then you can bet “yes.” Of both have a strong defense, or if one is superior to the other, you can vote no. This type of bet is much easier to master than most other betting markets.

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