The Worst Managerial Records In Professional Football
Written by, Asher Potu Sat 18 May
The Worst Managerial Records In Professional Football
The Worst Managerial Records In Professional Football

A good football manager is hard to come by. Granted, it's not an easy job. Sometimes, even a good head coach can have an evil spell. A lot rides on a head coach's ability, as their decisions can make or break a team. Here are some of the worst managerial records in the history of professional football.

Terry Connor

In 2012, in the middle of the Premier League season, with 13 games to go, Mick McCarthy was sacked, Terry Corner was promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager of the Wolverhampton Wanderers with the hopes that he would help stabilize the team.

This hasty turned out to be a poor decision, as the club has one of their worst spells ever. They either lost drew all their remaining games, and they ended up with gaining a total of 4 points under their new manager.

Paul Jewell

Paul Jewell served as the Derby head coach from 2007-08. As the result of another mid-season switch, Jewell took over from Billy Davies, who had been in charge of the newly promoted team for 14 disastrous Premier League matches. Jewell coached them through their remaining 24, out of which they lost 19, and drew 5. They won zero. At the end of it, they had just 11 points, the worst Premier League total ever.

Gary Neville

Gary Neville was an extraordinary football player, one of the best England has ever had. His managerial skills, however, pale in comparison. To the surprise of many, he was appointed as the head coach of the La Liga club Valencia. Naturally expectations were high, but unfortunately, he could not live up to. He struggled to lead his team. Out of 16 games, Valencia only won 3. They even suffered a humiliating 7 - 0 defeat against Barcelona.

Mick McCarthy

Mick McCarthy was Sunderland's manager twice. Briefly in 2003, and during their 2005 - 06 season,  Out of the 37 games he served as head coach, he managed only to win 2. They drew 4 and lost the remaining 31. They ended up getting relegated again, after finishing at the bottom of the table with 15 points, one of the lowest totals ever.

David Moyes

Sunderland received the short end of the stick yet again with David Moyes. Moyes managed them for just one season, but not very well. Out of 43 games, he won only 8. Apart from his disastrous win percentage, Moyes has strained relationships with this team, which is never good for their performance. It was reported that he even canceled their Christmas party due to their miserable season. His decisions didn't go down well with anyone, players or fans, who quickly became disillusioned with him. His 12-month spell at Sunderland is one of his worst in pro football.

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