Learn How To Leverage Football Betting Tips In Tipspaul
Written by, Asher Potu Mon 30 May
Learn How To Leverage Football Betting Tips In Tipspaul
Learn How To Leverage Football Betting Tips In Tipspaul

How To Leverage Football Betting Tips In Tipspaul To Success

Betting tips can help punters become successful at football betting by enabling punters to focus on betting while tipsters concentrate on research, analysis, and prediction modeling.

Betting Tips On TipsPaul

Some of the top features of football betting tips on TipsPaul that punters can leverage to succeed in football betting includes:

  • Building on Existing Leads.
  • Reusing Past Tips.
  • Utilizing Tips for Long-Term Decisions.
  • Building Rapport with a Tipster.
  • Select a recommendation based on the type or level of tip and tipster.
  • Using free bonuses and paid dividends.

1. Build On Tips Purchased

Punters who access free tips or purchase tips can continue to build on those tips by purchasing leads in that selected market. For example, a punter may make 2 or 3 wagers on the over/under betting market on Manchester City. After a few bets, a punter can build a team profile in the betting market and make predictions on similar future events. If ManCity scores three or more goals against teams in 8th position or lower, then the club will continue the trend in upcoming games, and punters can make educated guesses based on past football betting tips.

2. Reuse Past Tips

Punters that have purchased tips for specific games or specific betting markets can reuse past tips on future games. Consider Fulham versus Wolves playing a game in the Premier League and then playing again in the League Cup 10 days later. A punter that has access to a tip from a specific betting market on that game can use the information for both games. However, both teams need to field the same squads and use the same tactics for the tip to work. Teams usually change their intensity and details depending on the importance of a game. Wolves may see the League Cup game as a distraction, while Fulham may see the Cup as the only consolation prize left.

3. Tips For Long-term Decisions

Long-term decisions include making wagers on a season, Cup, or tournament outcome. For example, it takes ten months to determine the winners of the Premier League and eight weeks to determine the winner of the World Cup finals (not including the preceding four years involved in qualifications). Punters can leverage betting tips when making long-term betting decisions to understand better metrics that impact long-term performance. Generally, the information included in evaluating short-term performance differs from assessing long-term performance.

4. Build Rapport

Punters are incentivized to build a good rapport with their tipsters and vice-versa because punters always go back to reliable tipsters with high accuracy. Building a rapport enables punters to follow their favorite tipster, tips, games, leagues, betting markets, countries, etc. As soon as a prize is released, a punter has first access to tips and betting information on TipsPaul. Speed enables a punter to capitalize on a profitable betting opportunity before other punters capitalize on the end. If too many punters realize that a betting opportunity exists, several punters will place wagers until that opportunity disappears, making speed critical in making football wagers.

5. Type Of Tips

Punters have access to several types of tips issued by different levels of tipsters. For example, TipsPaul lists junior, senior, bundle, and premium tipsters on the platform. The lowest tier is the cost-effective junior-level tipsters and features tipsters with a reasonable win rate (60-75%) on predictions. Senior-level tipsters have years of experience covering a specific league, sport, or betting market and have a slightly higher win rate versus junior tipsters (70-80%). Premium tipsters are the second-most expensive level of tipsters, with accuracy rates above 85% for the leading tipsters in the segment. Bundle tipsters are different tips compiled into a bundle and are efficient for punters making several wagers.

6. Free Tips

Punters that aren’t willing to pay, can’t afford to pay, or want to test the service before paying for it first can utilize over 30 free tips listed on the daily free tips section on TipsPaul. Free tips give a punter an understanding of how tips are listed, what games are covered and can lever the betting markets, and other information on different football games from across the globe. Punters that are happy with the quality of tips can continue to use the free tips sections and also sign up with a paid tipster and use both free and paid tips on TipsPaul.


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